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Welcome to Tailma Tech, a leader in innovative and integrated software development solutions. We are a team of professionals specializing in delivering high-quality software services tailored to meet the diverse and growing needs of our global clientele.

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At Tailma Tech, we believe that technology is the driving force behind a more connected and integrated world. We strive to turn great ideas into reality by developing software solutions that enhance efficiency, foster growth, and simplify business processes.

Our Services

WEB Design / Development
Software Development
Online Store Development
IT Consulting
Systems Analysis
360° Technology Development
Real Estate and Cars
Platinum Menu
Maximize your revenue with Platinum Menu which now works with NFC + QR Code technology
  • Easy & Customizable menu
  • No need to download
  • Tablet application
  • Multi languages
  • Reservation form & Linktree
  • Delivery / Pickup with 0% Commission
  • Hotel room ordering
  • Friendly & multilanguage Control Panel
  • 24 Hours Arabic & English Support
Visit Platinum Menu Website
Enhance guest experience and increase revenue
With SMS and ticketless valet, SMS Cloud Valet gives you the tools to track valet metrics, grow your revenue, and impress your guests
No Ticket Skimming
Apps Needed
SMS Cloud Valet takes your Valet to the digital level.
Visit SMS Cloud Valet Website
I am in Qatar
NFC Business Card
Share your contact details with just a tap!
All "Digital Business Card" features in addition to:
  • NFC Smart Technology
  • Unlimited Taps
Just one NFC card for everything
Place all your necessary links in one card.
Visit I am in Qatar Website
The Intelligent Ticket-less Parking System
Parking Setup takes your parking to the online level.
Visit Parking Setup Website
Visit Wakalat Qatar Website
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